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4 min readApr 29, 2021

Learn more about Standen’s journey with the Growth Catalyst Program

Our most tenured company in the cohort comes to us with almost 100 years of experience! Standen’s has without a doubt made Calgary history, growing with the city we call home. What was created by one, has now become one the largest manufacturing companies in North America. Whether it’s servicing parts, creating soil conservation tools, bringing your designs to life, and so much more, Standen’s has established itself as a leading industrial figure. We checked in with Operational Excellence Manager, Brody See, to learn more about Standen’s and their experience in the Growth Catalyst program!

Can you tell us a little bit about Standen’s?


A young entrepreneur, Cyril Standen established Standen’s in the early 1920’s. His first product was a cowboy boot insert fashioned from hot-forged steel. Incorporated in 1924 Standen’s grew to become a leader in leaf spring suspension. Over the last 97 years Standen’s responded quickly to changing markets and developed/manufactured many new products including tools for the agricultural industry. In December 2013 IMT, a Canadian leader in forging, machining and heat treating steel products acquired Standen’s and has since stewarded the company into a new chapter focused on growth and diversity.

Standen’s is primed for exciting growth with a refreshed purpose centered on creating the how. Standen’s is a maker at its core and has a vision of the future to push boundaries as makers, emerging as North America’s leader for Surface Engaging Technology.

Standen’s DNA:

  • Ambitious Curiosity
  • Future Focused
  • Empowered Culture
  • Community Connectors
  • Enduring Success

What is your favorite Standen’s product and why?


Envision a large candy cane shaped part made out of high grade steel…a new and exciting product to Standen’s is an agricultural shank with a twist. Internally coined the twist shank, this part embodies the purpose and vision of Standen’s. Working closely with a key customer, Standen’s was able to create something which pushed to boundaries of its capabilities and turned a concept into a production capable solution.

What has been your biggest learning through the program?


Growth requires focus and a disciplined approach. The program provides invaluable exposure to tools, processes and subject matter experts which bring together a road map for accelerating growth. Each tool provides value on its own however the true benefit comes from a holistic commitment to all elements. Throughout the program, a big benefit for the Standen’s Growth Catalyst team was the ability to experiment and explore openly with industry peers which encouraged out-of-box thinking. Standen’s Growth Catalyst team has been actively bringing learnings back to the Standen’s team as a whole and excited to continue the growth journey.

Our Time with Standen’s!

Hugh Evans:

Hugh Evans, Director of Ecosystems Partnerships, had a delightful time working with the team at Standen’s during the program. He commented, “Standen’s is a remarkable Calgary company that has stood the test of time, actually makes real, tangible products and is now poised to exploit considerable opportunities for growth in its core markets. The Strategic Growth Team has been a joy to work with because they have wanted to be challenged and have been hungry for new ideas to extract as much as possible for the business. But for me, a program is only as good as what is taken on by the business. This is where the team has done, and I am sure will continue to do, is bring the rest of the Standen’s management team along the journey of applying growth thinking and tools to propel the business forward with clear direction and priorities!”

Growth Plans and Expectations with Standen’s!


Standen’s is focusing on 3 primary paths to fuel its growth aspirations. First, Standen’s looks to increase existing market share by improving flexibility of its manufacturing lines and by building partnerships, with an exciting program launch which will propel growth and exposure in US markets. Second, launching new products or adapting existing products into new applications by exploiting its current capabilities in innovative ways. Third, Standen’s is exploring ways to create more value-add processes and looking to do so via acquisition, expansion or partnership. Standen’s is actively working on these growth opportunities, targeting 40% revenue growth over the next 3 years. Current prospects are within the surging Agricultural and Transportation industries that said, Standen’s is keen to disrupt its comfort zone so do not be surprised if Standen’s becomes a maker of something completely new! If you have a concept and would like to bring it to life, Standen’s would love to help.

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As one of Calgarys’ longest-standing companies, we look forward to continuing to see them thrive as they explore their new growth opportunities. Keep an eye out and stay updated with their endeavours through the link below!



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