Keeping you in the Loop: How Onetwosix Design is Redefining the Office Furniture Industry

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4 min readMar 17, 2021

Exploring Onetwosix Design’s journey with the Growth Catalyst Program

Experimentation and innovation are two words you could easily use to describe this young and ambitious Edmonton-based company. Whether it’s creating products like their Rapid Screening Booths to aid in the pandemic or custom pieces of furniture for local companies, the product innovations by the Western Living Magazine’s Designers of the Year are sure to amaze. This bold team of design visionaries has worked with global industry leaders such as Google, Pokemon, and Shopify!

Most recently, Onetwosix Design launched the Loop Phone Booth, a product that has led to Onetwosix Design’s sales line ringing off the hook. Loop provides privacy where you need it most through a high quality, plug and play solution to reduce distractions and improve the work environment of open concept offices. In today’s world, both in the office and at home, Loop is providing curated and quiet spaces where their customers need them most.

Onetwosix Design joined the inaugural cohort of the Growth Catalyst program. We caught up with Co-Founder Nick Kazakoff to see how he and his team were fairing four months after the start of the program.

What is the story behind why you founded Onetwosix? What was the problem you identified and what was your solution to solving it?


Onetwosix was founded with a purpose of designing products that elevate the human experience. Our current area of focus is furniture design and innovative product solutions for the changing ways people work and the spaces they work in. Originally, we were primarily creating furniture to help improve the experience of open concept offices. In response to the current pandemic and changing workplace environments, we are positioning our company as thought leaders in the new world of workplace furniture and design.

Can you tell us about one of the products that you manufacture and what excites you the most by it?


We are most excited by our line of office phone booths called ‘Loop’ which we design and manufacture in our facility in Edmonton. The product line is very unique and we are looking to apply the platform to improve spaces outside of the traditional office. Currently, we are in process of launching a brand new made in Canada phone booth called Loop Flex in response to changing office trends and the new concept of hybrid work. Specifically designed, manufactured, and priced to help fast growing, ambitious businesses get the most out of their offices, Flex is the soft pod for big ideas. Beyond Loop Flex, we are continuing to expand our line of Loop products to more broadly encompass acoustic products and other furnishing to create better working experiences for the future.

What has been your biggest learning through the Growth Catalyst program?


On a broad basis, our biggest learning through the Growth Catalyst program has been the emphasis on thinking bigger, challenging the status quo, and really evaluating opportunities for significant yet sustainable growth. On a more specific level one growth opportunity we have identified relates to the continuing transition of tech workers to flexible work environments between home and office that has been expedited as a result of COVID-19. With 12.1 million tech workers in the US alone, and with companies like Google providing $1,000 home office setup allowances to all of their 132,000 employees, this represents a significant emerging market that we plan to capitalize on. In addition to the focus on transformation growth that is a fundamental component of the Growth Catalyst program, the research approaches and tools we have learned during the program for how to best understand our customers and position our products effectively for success has been extremely beneficial. This process will be used by our company ongoing anytime we look to launch a new product or service offering.

Our Time with Onetwosix!

Khalid Abdul Razak, our Managing Director who also happens to be Onetwosix’s Program Coach, had this to say about the team:

“Onetwosix is a small but ambitious team that is not scared to dream big. Innovation and design is clearly in their DNA which is demonstrated through the high quality products that they’ve created. The leadership team understands that this is a pivotal moment, with various market factors converging. Through the program, we’ve uncovered some strong strategic growth opportunities and I sense they are at the doorstep of exponential growth!”

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