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4 min readMar 2, 2021


Take a deep dive into their journey with the Growth Catalyst Program

What has become a freezer staple for many Calgarians was created from a company with humble upbringings. We took a deep dive into the minds of CEO + Founder, James Boettcher and Director of Finance and Operations, Garrett Cook, to get the inside ‘scoop’ on their story and their experience thus far with our program!

What is the story behind why you founded Righteous Gelato?


I always say that gelato found me. It was formerly a scoop shop which I did freelance design for and I fell in love with the sense of community it created by its very existence. When the opportunity arose to take over the shop, I was excited to see what was possible. And over the last 12 years, with lots of bumps and bruises, we have truly ‘re-founded’ ourselves. Or perhaps better stated, established ourselves.

It was never about anything other than seeing what was possible. We often joke that regardless of what the company could do, we would still adhere to the promise and mission we have created. That is the beauty of business — purpose exists in everything, you just have to be willing to place meaning and focus on it. We just happen to make gelato :)

What was the problem you identified and what was your solution to solving it?


For consumers, the problem we have identified over the last 7 years of being in grocery is that consumer offerings often lacked the quality and integrity you would find in a local shop, especially in the dairy free space. There is no reason that a product in a grocery store has to be less good than from a local vendor, it just has to be made right. We start with taste and innovation, then focus on sourcing, and end with financial viability. This order allows us to ensure the products we make are ones we can be proud of, then we find a way to yes on making them profitable.

For business, the problem we have identified is that most companies choose not to prioritize purpose over profit. By accepting our inherent responsibility to enrich the lives of our people, their families, the communities we operate in, and the industry in which we operate in, is a problem worth solving. Our most important mission.

How has the program helped Righteous Gelato grow to date?


The Senior Leadership Team has learned a tremendous amount so far in the program. We are a very young senior leadership team so programs like these create powerful learnings we can apply in our roles.

The impacts will for sure be seen later in 2021 and in the years ahead where we have growth goals to hit $50MM in sales in the next 5 years. Specifically, we are looking at our planning in a more refined way and creating more alignment within our team. Getting clear on all of the details that are required in the plan from value proposition, selling strategy, customer identification, budget, goals, and what information we require to reduce risks and build more assurance into our plans. There is no doubt in our mind that we are well set up with these new tools in achieving our ambitious growth plans for the future.

Our Time with Righteous Gelato!

As expressed by their Program Coach Anita Kemp, working with the Righteous Gelato team has been an exciting experience. Coming into the program with an open mind, the Righteous Gelato team has been able to gain high-level clarity around what BIG growth plans they aim to pursue. Their open heart and passion are key characteristics that have aided them in bringing these actions to life — “one tiny spoonful at a time!”

Growth Plans and Expectations with Righteous Gelato!

Over the next year, Righteous Gelato has some ambitious plans. With new partnerships alongside companies such as 7Eleven, Pusateri’s and Whole Foods, they have not only deepened their reach in Canada, securing deals with over 2000 vendors across the country, but also expanded into select locations south of the border in the US. Don’t expect them to stop there!

Show Your Support!

Brave the cold and pop on by to their shop to get 25% off your curbside pick-up order! Looking to stay closer to home? Find a list of vendors to shop their products here and as a friend of the program, enjoy $1OFF your next pint. Once you pick up your favourite pint, make sure to spread the love and share it, and tag them on social media!



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